What to Expect When Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Orange County, CA

What to Expect When Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Orange County, CA

Facing domestic violence charges can have serious consequences anywhere it occurs and particularly in Orange County CA; whenever this occurs one should consider discussing with an Orange County domestic violence lawyer to know their responsibilities and rights towards the law and the alleged victim. Domestic problems and disagreements occur in the most coherent of families but whenever things get out of hand and violence occur, it is the responsibility of everyone involved to ensure that the right authorities are notified and that the victims as well as the aggressors are treated fairly and according to the respective laws in order to avoid any serious and negative repercussions. visit http://www.dss.cahwnet.gov/cdssweb/pg20.htm to read more information about reporting abuse. Below are the consequences that anyone facing domestic violence in Orange county CA should expect to deal with.

Felony domestic violence vs. misdemeanour domestic violence

Whenever the police are called and there are cases of domestic violence involved, one of two charges can occur. The difference is determined by the extent of the injury and its severity. Felony domestic violence is the case whenever a serious and visible injury is seen on the victim. Those usually include bloody cuts and wounds, broken bones or visible bruises. There is a special family protection unit that treats those injuries and determines the related cases. Alternatively, if the injuries are minor and not very visible it is most likely that the charges will be filed as misdemeanour domestic violence. This of course changes if there are prior convictions.

What to Expect When Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Orange County, CA

What are the types of domestic violence charges?

It is very important to understand that in Orange County, domestic violence charges are taken very seriously. Depending on the severity of the cases and the charges submitted, the consequences can range from corrective action to prison sentence to banning the aggressor from any contact with the alleged victims. This is a very serious matter and of course charges are justified, however, in the few cases where the charges are false, the consequences can be dire. This is why it is important to have a good Orange County criminal defense lawyer to take on the case.

What are the consequences of pleading guilty?

Pleading guilty to almost any domestic violence charges will result in the year-long batterer treatment which consists of taking classes once a week for a full year. Of course fees and charges are likely to accompany this sentence. If the case is more severe, jail sentence is also still possible.Click here to read more information about the cost of the batterer program.

Is it possible to drop charges?

In some cases, when there is not enough evidence or the victim is not cooperating it is very possible that the charges may be dropped. Having a good Orange County domestic violence lawyer is essential to help through this process and ensure that everyone is treated fairly in the process.

Domestic violence is a very serious problem luckily Orange County CA takes it very seriously and ensures that aggressors are getting the appropriate sentencing and rehabilitation they need but also that victims are protected. Of course, there are many Orange County criminal defense lawyer that are working to ensure that process remains coherent.

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