Domestic Violence Penalties

Domestic Violence Penalties

It is important to understand that Orange County and many Californian regions take domestic violence very seriously and ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly and protected; this process is well maintained thanks to Orange County domestic violence lawyer who ensure that the process is always respected. This is very important because it is the best way to make sure that injuries are reduced and potential offenders and aggressors are not out there causing more problems to their victims. One way of maintaining this order is by ensuring that the penalties address the problems at their roots and protect victims. There are a few different penalties that could be grouped as follows.

Jail and prison time

The aggressor is usually charged for jail time whenever they are convicted of domestic violence probation. This charge could also be limited or accompanied by community service time. A good Orange County domestic violence lawyer will be able to tell you all you need to know about that. Any type of physical violence can also result in jail confinement up to one year in a state prison. Whether it is misdemeanor domestic violence charge which is usually when minor physical injuries occur or if it is a felony charge when the evidence of the injuries are clearly visible. Those usually include bloody wounds and broken bones and they are quite serious. A felony charge can result in up to one year confinement in a state prison in addition to other rehabilitation and financial charges.Click here to read examples of felony charges.

Domestic Violence Penalties

Counseling and rehabilitation programs

Whenever the aggressor exhibits problematic behavior or signs of mental problems, there are programs set in place to help them rehabilitate and reintegrate in society and with their families. Those programs include the year-long batterer counseling program that essentially consists of one class a week for a year to help the aggressor address the problem and get over their aggressive behaviors.visit for full details about  batterer intervention program.

Alternatively, if it is proven that the aggressor has some addiction or chemical dependency issues they can be admitted into such programs to help them manage their dependencies and anger.

Both of these programs can be accompanied by regular appearances in court in which the aggressor demonstrate a progress report that shows they are moving forward with their treatments.

Other penalties

Other penalties can also include monetary and financial charges of up to $6000 for first offence and up to $ 10000 for second offences. Moreover, restricting orders prohibiting the aggressors from approaching their victims can be issued to ensure that the victim is protected. Of course, it is crucial to have a good Orange County criminal defense lawyer who will ensure that aggressors and victims are getting the appropriate charges.

As demonstrated above Orange County CA takes domestic violence very seriously and it is doing all it can to ensure that those laws are respected and that domestic violence is minimized and the damaged is reduced. There are many Orange County criminal defense lawyer who are also working to ensure this remains the case.

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